Editors at the Washington Examiner highlight the latest evidence of communist China’s threat to the rest of the world.

Xi Jinping has a problem. Facing a surge in COVID cases across China, the general secretary’s Communist Party subordinates have unleashed a new wave of harsh lockdowns.

The most recent victim of China’s fanatical zero-case COVID approach is Shanghai. With 25 million citizens, Shanghai is both China’s top financial and export hub and its most populous city. But the lockdown isn’t proceeding smoothly. Although domestic censors are working overtime to remove negative reports, videos posted to other social media outlets show great human suffering. Citizens are complaining of inadequate food, medical, and other supplies. Hospitals appear to be overwhelmed. Patients are being forcibly separated from their families or even left to die. Servants of blind obedience rather than moral nuance, Communist officials are requiring even the asymptomatic to abandon their jobs and families if they test positive.

Chinese Communist Party organs assure the world that the people’s interests are being cared for. A Global Times editorial Monday lamented the idea that the West has handled the virus more effectively than China. Such assertions, the editorial claims, are “utterly groundless, morally and scientifically.” Instead, the West’s strategy of living with COVID is “a cruel social Darwinism. In contrast, China has protected the elderly and the patients with underlying medical conditions, which is very remarkable.”

It is a lie that would be funny were it not so foul.

As the Associated Press reports, the elderly are suffering most under China’s new and fanatical COVID regimen. Although the Communists ludicrously claim that no one has yet died from the virus during this latest Shanghai wave, many elderly patients have died because infected medical staff were forced to stop working and go into isolation. The Global Times says these “complexities to people’s normal lives” are not a consequence of the regime’s zero-case policy but rather are occurring “precisely because they have not implemented the dynamic zero-COVID policy, resulting in a series of problems.”