Once again, Wake County parents are having to worry about student reassignments. The News & Observer reports today on that rather unsurprising development.

Buried within the story is this nugget:

As a fast-growing district of 155,000 students, Wake County historically has reassigned thousands of students each year. In the mid- to late-2000s, high rates of growth led to mass reassignments and mandatory year-round schools, with unprecedented levels of opposition from the burgeoning suburbs that resulted in a 2009 change in board leadership.

Just like that. Mass reassignments and mandatory year-round schools upset people so much that they voted out the board leadership. Just as people were saying back then.

At the time, however, the N&O and the Angry Left were determined to smear the voters as white-hooded racists and resegregationists. It was a disgusting campaign to delegitimize the new board leadership. It destroyed reputations, needlessly inflamed county residents, inspired completely ignorant national outcry, and worked.

The new school board is now As It Should Be, thoroughly dominated by Democrats infused with the Proper Disregard for Parents’ Concerns and insulated by the smug expectation that no self-respecting outsiders who care about their families and reputations would ever risk a political challenge against the board again.

Never forget; to the education establishment, kids exist to serve the schools. That is why it was “moral” to lie about parents and their concerns back then, and that is why it is “moral” to celebrate taking Opportunity Scholarships away from the poorest kids to keep them from escaping their one option in education.