Radical climate activists are apparently running the federal government and making it more difficult for you to purchase cheap gas, as a recently leaked memo reveals. This confirms that decisions at the highest level aren’t being made to serve the American people, but the ideology of some of the most radical environmentalists.

Gas in North Carolina is currently around $3.119 per gallon, but what if it could be $2.00 or less? And what if it is the federal government that’s making it impossible for Americans to see a lower price at the pump?

That’s a question people should be asking their legislators as a leaked memo by former Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) revealed that if allowed to dig in the Cook Inlet in Alaska, the country could perhaps see energy security in a volatile market.

“If a Cook Inlet prospect would be developed, there would be additional government revenues and greater energy security for the State of Alaska, especially if development of natural gas resources in the Cook Inlet ameliorated the long-term supply challenges facing the Anchorage area,” former BOEM director Amanda Lefton wrote in the memo. 

But that would never be.

“Nevertheless, because of the serious challenges facing the Nation from climate change and the impact of [greenhouse gasses] from fossil fuels, BOEM is not recommending this option since it would not include an appropriate surcharge to account for those impacts,” she continued. 

So, the federal government is more willing to balloon the deficit and cause more pain at the pump than help low-income Americans? 

And it gets worse. Apparently, Lefton also suggested that the federal government charge drillers a fee of 18.75 percent rather than 16.67 percent in the belief that the higher price would result in more bids and would “be more likely to facilitate expeditious and orderly development of [offshore] resources.”

This is why you don’t put government bureaucrats in charge of what should be a simple money-making exercise. Apparently, the simple adage that a lower price can increase demand was lost on Lefton and resulted in only one bid on a single track of 2,304 acres, compared to the available 958,202 acres.

The government is there to serve the people, not bow to the whims of the environmental activists, who would be willing to knock the country back to the stone age if they believed it eliminated the mythical beast of climate change.