There are plenty of places Washington Post sage columnist David Broder could have gone to find a conservative who is outraged with President Bush. But instead — and I can’t believe his editors let him do this — he banged out a whole column explaining the “Simmering Rage Within the GOP” based almost entirely on a single, faux-conservative who is upset that the stem-cell bill was vetoed and that the minimum wage hasn’t been raised.

And to top it off, Broder doesn’t identify him! He further (un)identifies that “simmering rage” by citing unattributed comments of frustration at Lyn Nofziger’s funeral in the spring.

His finishing touch is to reveal the glee among Republicans over Ralph Reed’s primary loss for lieutenant governor in Georgia. Broder portrays that as some vindication for “conservatives” who are allegedly resentful toward the “religious right,” of which Reed was supposedly a beloved member. But conservative Christians dismissed Reed as one of their own long ago.

Broder’s journalism here fails basic standards and arrives at deeply flawed conclusions to boot. He should know better.