Image: How school children normally appeared in North Carolina prior to late March 2020, how they currently appear in all but a handful of states, and how they should appear in North Carolina right now.

North Carolina, for the governor’s express purpose of getting federal money, remains under a “State of Emergency.” Here is how that appears:

  • Over 99.9% of people pose no risk whatsoever of passing along Covid-19
  • North Carolina has not been witnessing excess deaths due to Covid-19 since mid-March
  • An estimated 71% of adults are immune, which is on level with experts’ estimates of herd immunity

Along those lines, new Covid cases have fallen off a cliff in recent weeks. This has happened despite initial media reports of people fearing terrible outcomes as a result and ongoing scaremongering about the “Delta variant” which is “more transmissible” (the scare-spin on the reality that it’s less deadly and transitioning like other viral strains into a seasonal bug) — and despite university computer models built to say that cases would go up immediately without government mask orders.

Here are how North Carolina’s Covid numbers have changed since May 14, when Gov. Roy Cooper surprised himself and the rest of us by lifting nearly all of his personal and business restrictions:

  May 14 July 2 Change
New cases (7-day rolling average) 1,262.9 288.0 Down 77%
Hospitalizations (7-day rolling average) 950.3 386.4 Down 59%
Test percent positive (7-day rolling average) 4.1% 1.8% Down 56%

With his ongoing emergency declaration, however, Cooper made sure to leave the door to reinstating tyranny open, as he continues to force schoolkids to breathe through pathogen-filled cloth all day.