I just flat-out missed this one until it was too late: Tuesday was ?Tomato Sandwich Day? at the NC General Assembly, thanks to the machinations of Sen. Hugh Webster of Alamance County. From Freedom newspapers reporter Barry Smith?s account:

Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives and everybody in between couldn?t resist stopping by for a sandwich on Tuesday. ?It crosses all boundaries,? Webster said, noting that sometimes animosities fester in the halls of political power. ?I specifically make it a point to try to invite everybody,? he said.

?It?s impossible to argue? while eating a tomato sandwich, Webster added.

Yes, but one might argue about the tomato sandwich. Like are the tomatoes organic or ?artificial?? Should the old familiar cousins, lettuce and bacon, be allowed at the festivities? Mayonaise or ?salad dressing?? Wheat or white bread? Is there any danger in bringing so many tomatoes to a packed public building? Plus, university PC-ers and Kos-be Kids might argue that the entire affair is a privileged white-male expropriation of a native-American vegetable.

Or fruit, one might argue.