Eric Owens of the Daily Caller tallies the taxpayers’ bill for sending an avowed communist through West Point.

American taxpayers spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars paying for radical Marxist Spenser Rapone to receive a world-class education and officer training at the United States Military Academy.

Rapone is the Army officer and former West Point cadet who appears to have posted photos of himself in uniform at West Point promoting pro-communism messages. …

… “The scholarship value of a U.S. Military Academy education is $226,051, as of April 2017,” West Point’s public affairs office told The Daily Caller on Tuesday.

“This number varies from year to year, but this is the most up-to-date information.”

Like every other West Point cadet, Rapone did not pay a dime to attend the academy. His taxpayer-funded education was fully funded by the federal government — with no loans — for four years.

During his 47 month at West Point, Rapone — and every cadet — completed a broad core curriculum in math, science, engineering, information technology and humanities.

Rapone also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in one of 42 majors.

Not only that, but Rapone got paid to attend West Point. First-year cadets currently receive a stipend of $900 each month. This amount increases as cadets rise. Much of each cadet’s monthly stipend is automatically siphoned off for various expenses such as a uniforms, a nice computer and books. Cadets must also pay a flat monthly fee for laundry, haircuts and other services. The remainder of a cadet’s monthly stipend goes directly into a cadet’s personal checking account.