Douglas Murray writes for the New York Post about trends in young voters’ political preferences.

Here’s a thought.

What if the kids are all right?

New polling shows young voters in the US are shrugging off their habit of voting left and actually thinking of voting Republican in November.

In almost equal numbers to their Democrat-voting contemporaries.

All this despite the daily diet of Democrats trying to throw everything at young voters to woo them.

Anyone who gets daily messages in their inbox from the Biden- Harris campaign will know how hard they are trying to make voting Democrat “cool” to young voters.

In the past few days alone this has included “direct messages” from George Clooney, Julia Roberts and — er — Jimmy Kimmel.

Which suggests the Biden-Harris campaigns idea of what the youth are after might be ever so slightly off.

Of course, this isn’t to say that a young voter has to be a Republican to be all right.

But it does suggest that voters in the 18-to-29 age-bracket might actually be thinking for themselves.

In particular they may be seeing through the vast fogs of leftist propaganda that gets pumped out from this country´s educational institutions, media, Hollywood and more.

A new Siena poll out this week shows that among the youngest voting age-bracket in this country President Biden has only a 2-point lead over former President Donald Trump.

While a new Quinnipiac survey actually has Trump ahead by 1 point among registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34.

That is a pretty startling turnaround in just four years.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the young vote by 19 clear points.

And in 2020 Biden won it by a stunning 24 points.

So what happened?

One possibility is that this is the first result in polling of a trend many of us have noticed.

There is an expectation that young voters must vote left because we see and hear the screaming, camping protestors on privileged Ivy League campuses.