One week after Mecklenburg County began assessing interest penalties on unpaid 2009 property tax bills, the county’s data base shows several big malls have yet to pay. The owners of Northlake Mall, Carolina Place, and Eastland Mall currently owe over $3m. in property tax, according to county records.

In addition, Pacific Avenue II LLC, developer Afshin Ghazi’s ownership vehicle for the EpiCenter property in Uptown, owes some $595,000 in tax, including $11,000 in interest. Ghazi is also the owner of record of a $1.7m. home on Gorham Rd. with $22K tax bill due and Fairview Rd. home with almost $9k. due.

Other notable unpaid bills include:

  • The $305K Pope & Land Enterprises owes for the 154 acre site of the old Coliseum the city sold to the Atlanta-based developer in 2006 for $23.5m.
  • Carowinds parent Paramount owes $260K. Recall that Carowinds is currently spending millions to build a new roller coaster.
  • Quail Hollow Country club, $213,630.
  • John Belk, almost $50K on a $3.7m. property on Hempstead Place.
  • The Charlotte Bobcats, $35K on $2.5m. worth of office equipment at the Uptown arena.
  • The Vue North Carolina, $34K on a one acre parcel in Uptown valued at $2.5m.
  • Queens University, $30K owed on an apartment complex the school bought in 2008 for $3.1m.
  • Brad Glosson, CEO of DesignLine International, the hybrid bus-builder which recently hired Mayor Anthony Foxx, owes $24K on a $1.8m. home on Craigmore Dr. and $11K on $825K on a Bar Harbor Ln. home
  • Jake Delhomme owes $17,500 on his South Charlotte home.

In addition, Pappas Properties, via Midtown Redevelopment Partners, owes about $25,000 on several parcels in the city-subsidized Midtown Square project. And Crescent Resources’ bankruptcy has stopped the payment of dozens of tax bills for 2009 ranging in size from a few hundreds dollars to almost $70K for a Tryon St. office building.

As ever, we depend on the county’s info to be accurate and up-to-date. All the links to the county site worked at the time of this post, and reflected unpaid bills according to the county.

Update: The county now shows — on Thursday, January 14th — that the $552K bill for Eastland Mall was paid January 13th.

Update II: A Queens University spokesperson relates that the school believes it was billed in error for the property and is in the process acquiring tax-exempt status for the parcel.