Details continue to emerge about VA’s outrageous spending on employee conferences. Now Sen. Susan Collins of Maine wants to know why five VA employees received bonuses. I do, too. And will these employees have to give the bonuses back? Check out what the Inspector General found:

VA’s inspector general on Oct. 1 released a report that concluded the agency spent $6.1 million on the conferences and wasted $762,000 on video production, food and beverages, promotional items, audio-visual services, and awards given to employees who mismanaged the conferences. The scandal brought down the VA’s chief human capital officer John Sepulveda, who resigned Sept. 30.

The IG report slammed VA’s leadership for taking a hands-off approach to managing the conference, and for its shoddy accounting and contracting practices.

Collins said she wants to know what those employees did to keep top leaders informed, and what VA is doing to revoke those bonuses, which she said were improper.