N&R reports Downtown Greensboro Inc. CEO and former City Council member Zack Matheny was cited for DWI Friday morning:

“I made a mistake,” Matheny said in an interview Friday. “I had gone out to a couple of community functions, I had gone to dinner with some friends. I went back to a private residence, sitting on the back porch and I had a couple of cocktails, obviously. We were chatting about downtown, about life and business. And I chose to drive home. That was obviously a mistake.”

…Matheny, 42, was spotted in a vehicle, in the parking lot of the vacant Harris Teeter at North Church Street and East Cone Boulevard about 3:40 a.m. by an officer on patrol, said Susan Danielsen, police spokeswoman.

It was parked, but running, causing the officer to approach the vehicle, Danielsen said. A man, later identified to be Matheny, was inside with his head on the steering wheel and appeared to be asleep, she said.

Matheny was very compliant and did everything he was asked, Danielsen said. He was put through a series of field sobriety tests, including heel-to-toe, stand-and-balance and thumb-to-finger, she said.

GPD spokesperson said —according to the N&R —she did not have the results of Matheny’s breathalyzer. Biz Journal reports Matheny blew 0.20.