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NC is 42nd (not 49th) in per-pupil spending
By Dr. Terry Stoops

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I have spent months countering the "49th in the nation myth," a talking point manufactured by public school advocacy groups to attack the budget approved by the NC General Assembly last year. At long last, the National Education Association (NEA) has released Rankings of the States 2011 and Estimates of School Statistics 2012, which should set the record straight. In this week's CommenTerry, I summarize the NEA's findings.

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Rankings and Estimates is an annual study published by the nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA). For many pundits on the Left, the NEA study is the go-to guide for state-by-state rankings of educational inputs, such as funding, employment, and employee compensation.

I continue to have reservations about using unadjusted NEA data to compare states that have significant differences. Moreover, I maintain that per-pupil expenditure rankings provide little information about the relative quality and productivity of public education in these states because the relationship between spending and student performance is weak.

Nevertheless, my magnanimous nature compels me to put those concerns aside and agree to debate the Left on their terms. Do not get used to it.

So, how does North Carolina fare on the latest Rankings and Estimates report? According to the NEA study, North Carolina ranked 42nd in total per-pupil expenditure for the current school year. In other words, the oft-repeated, never-substantiated talking point -- "NC ranks 49th in per pupil spending" -- is simply not true. (For additional information, see NEA, Rankings of the States 2011 and Estimates of School Statistics 2012, pp. 54-55, 67 or Facts and Stats below.)

Furthermore, this year's ranking is higher than the state's rankings for the 2010-2011 (45th) and 2009-2010 (43rd) school years. This information is important to those who follow politics because Democrats controlled the NC General Assembly before 2011 (and before 1911, for that matter). They charged that last year's Republican takeover of the legislature led to a harmful and embarrassing drop in North Carolina's per-pupil expenditure ranking. Obviously, the statistics published in Rankings and Estimates do not jibe with that account.

For intellectually honest progressives, the latest NEA study should settle the question of where North Carolina ranks in per-pupil spending and discourage them from perpetuating the "49th in the nation myth." I suspect, however, that the myth will continue to be cited by Democrats and their enablers throughout the election season. The reason is simple. As Winston Churchill remarked, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

Random Thought

Are people still "getting' jiggy wit it?"

Facts and Stats

Go to johnlocke.org/site-docs/newsletters/images/PPEstateranks2009-12.jpg for a larger view of the table.


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Education Acronym of the Week

NEA -- National Education Association

Quote of the Week

"The total amount to be spent during 2011-12 for current expenditures, capital outlay, and interest on school debt represents a 2.0 percent increase over comparable expenditures estimated for 2010-11 and a 46.2 percent increase over 2001-02. Adjusting for the effects of price inflation, the change in total public school expenditures is estimated at 13.1 percent over the decade."
-- National Education Association,
Rankings of the States 2011 and Estimates of School Statistics 2012, p. 83

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