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Jun. 30th Fiscal Insight How do you pay for Medicaid?
Jun. 27th Economics & Environment How much global warming will be mitigated by the Obama/EPA CO2 restrictions?
Jun. 24th Fiscal Insight When will NC have a budget?
Jun. 20th Rights & Regulation The case for reforming North Carolina's automobile insurance system
Jun. 20th Health Care Setting up SHOP
Jun. 19th Fiscal Insight Should teacher pay raises be funded through the lottery?
Jun. 19th Economics & Environment Health Care in the US: Everything But Free Markets
Jun. 18th Education Key education bills considered by the NCGA
Jun. 13th Economics & Environment Some interesting stories on the environment
Jun. 13th Health Care A Potential Fix to Medicaid's Fundamental Flaw
Jun. 12th Education Should the legislature cut the DPI budget?
Jun. 11th Rights & Regulation Another state gobsmacked by the costs of its renewable portfolio standards
Jun. 6th Education The Education of Thom Tillis
Jun. 6th Economics & Environment Seattle further dooms teenagers and low skilled workers with $15.00 minimum wage
Jun. 6th Rights & Regulation Addressing concerns over hydraulic fracturing coming to North Carolina
Jun. 6th Health Care One of Medicaid's Many Flaws
Jun. 3rd Fiscal Insight The Senate Budget


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May. 30th Economics & Environment Yet another reason why I am not a Republican: the Case of E-Cigarette Taxes
May. 30th Health Care Senate Version of Governor's Recommended Budget
May. 29th Rights & Regulation McCrory's revamp of film incentives is well considered, but not better than sunset
May. 28th Fiscal Insight A New Tax That Hurts Small Businesses -- Even Massachusetts opposed this tax
May. 28th Education Houston ISD in NC to address 19% turnover rate
May. 23rd Rights & Regulation Poll reveals need to free NC electricity consumers, not shackle them with RPS mandates
May. 22nd Economics & Environment Bad Tax Policy Chasing Good: The New E-Cig Tax
May. 22nd Education Teacher working conditions: The shocking results!
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