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Feb. 6th Fiscal Insight Farm Bill Passes Congress
Feb. 5th Education School choice is thriving in North Carolina


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Jan. 31st Environment Global warming reporting's sleight of hand -- a point worth restating
Jan. 31st Health Care Solve The Problem. Don't Fund The Problem.
Jan. 30th Education Class sizes barely budge under Republicans
Jan. 30th Rights & Regulation Is N.C.'s costly renewable energy mandate also unconstitutional?
Jan. 28th Fiscal Insight Preparing for Tax Season
Jan. 24th Rights & Regulation High Point's plan, Wilmington's golf course, and UNC's very big mess
Jan. 24th Health Care Destabilization To The Nth Degree
Jan. 23rd Environment Colorado's "SB3" on steroids taking its toll on utility customers
Jan. 21st Education NC should introduce virtual school options
Jan. 21st Fiscal Insight Governor's Outlook for 2014
Jan. 17th Health Care Medicaid Reform Advisory Group Public Meeting
Jan. 16th Environment Renewable Energy Subsidies Regressive and Elitist
Jan. 15th Rights & Regulation How Charlotte raced into the bad economic-impact projections Hall of Fame
Jan. 15th Fiscal Insight Local Government Debt Increasing, and Sometimes Without Voter Approval
Jan. 14th Education Minecrafting Education
Jan. 10th Health Care Figures Lie and Liars Figure
Jan. 9th Fiscal Insight Local Governments' Parks and Recreation Spending
Jan. 7th Education NC education in 2014: The year of the exclamation point



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Dec. 20th Health Care A Pre-New Year's Hangover
Dec. 18th Education The oldest trick in the (text)book
Dec. 17th Fiscal Insight 100-Year Anniversary of the Federal Reserve
Dec. 17th Rights & Regulation Appeals court refuses to bail out cronyism for agent training
Dec. 11th Rights & Regulation The only consistent thing here is that they admit wind turbines slaughter eagles
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