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May. 28th Education Houston ISD in NC to address 19% turnover rate
May. 23rd Rights & Regulation Poll reveals need to free NC electricity consumers, not shackle them with RPS mandates
May. 22nd Environment Bad Tax Policy Chasing Good: The New E-Cig Tax
May. 22nd Education Teacher working conditions: The shocking results!
May. 21st Health Care Obamacare's Longshot: Assessing The Exchange Enrollment Derby
May. 20th Fiscal Insight Governor McCrory's Budget for FY 2014-15
May. 15th Health Care A first glimpse at BCBSNC's Obamacare Enrollment Mix
May. 14th Fiscal Insight New Taxes and Tax Law Changes in the Upcoming Session
May. 13th Rights & Regulation Beyond CON: North Carolina's Certificate of Public Advantage
May. 13th Education Public school funding: Where does the money come from?
May. 12th Fiscal Insight The 2014 Legislative Session - What to Expect From the Budget
May. 9th Health Care Unleash A Competitive Health Insurance Market: Part II
May. 8th Rights & Regulation Effectively fighting poverty through freedom
May. 8th Education School funding debate: A real life Groundhog Day
May. 5th Fiscal Insight Sales Tax Changes Almost a Year After Tax Reform Legislation Was Signed Into Law


DateResearch TopicNewsletter
Apr. 29th Fiscal Insight Taxation without Representation in the Modern Form
Apr. 25th Rights & Regulation Lottery sales still depend upon economic desperation
Apr. 25th Health Care Unleash a Competitive Health Insurance Market
Apr. 23rd Environment Some of my favorite quotes
Apr. 23rd Education N.C.'s real teacher recruitment and retention crisis
Apr. 17th Rights & Regulation The UNC professor who's leading the fight for free speech and academic freedom
Apr. 17th Health Care ICD-10: Code Overkill?
Apr. 15th Education The teacher pay discussion should continue
Apr. 15th Fiscal Insight Tax Day 2014 - Have you filed yet?
Apr. 11th Environment Economic development vs economic growth
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