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Apr. 14th Legal Update The 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta Is Around the Corner
Apr. 14th Education Partisan school board elections are a good idea
Apr. 10th Economics & Environment Japan to expand use of coal
Apr. 8th Education Fewer college students choosing education nationwide
Apr. 8th Rights & Regulation Electricity isn't primarily about jobs; it's about the price at the flip of the switch
Apr. 7th Fiscal Insight Does NC need a new Department of Information Technology?
Apr. 7th Legal Update News from New London
Apr. 2nd Health Care Certificate of Need: House files for reform, Senate wants repeal
Apr. 2nd Rights & Regulation Nonsense with big numbers: how to get legislators to support your industry
Apr. 1st Education One teacher's indictment of Common Core math
Apr. 1st Economics & Environment Mercedes's decision saves North Carolina taxpayers over $18 million and North Carolina businesses much more


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Mar. 31st Legal Update Good News About Asset Forfeiture, Continued
Mar. 26th Rights & Regulation Academic center: Reform licensing to help people in poverty find work and opportunity
Mar. 25th Legal Update Lucky to Be Here
Mar. 24th Economics & Environment My bad: Principles of NC Republican Party no longer preclude "corporate welfare" or "higher taxes on the many to provide preferential treatment for the few"
Mar. 24th Fiscal Insight A lot going on with your tax dollars in the NC Legislature...
Mar. 24th Education DPI: Some NC schools have more FRL applicants than students
Mar. 20th Health Care Piecemeal CON Reform Already Causing A Stir Amongst Hospitals
Mar. 19th Rights & Regulation The negative economic effects of North Carolina's RPS mandate
Mar. 19th Economics & Environment Republicans vs the Republican Party Platform
Mar. 17th Legal Update More Map Act News
Mar. 17th Education Superintendents: Here today, paid, and gone tomorrow
Mar. 16th Fiscal Insight Spending outside the General Fund
Mar. 13th Rights & Regulation A beckoning opportunity for health care reform
Mar. 13th Health Care A Recap of King v Burwell
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