The citizens of Mills River are so greedy, they are only going to give a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway $21,000 in welfare over seven years. The subsidiary only has a net worth of $44 billion. Henderson County was more generous in approving $479,000 for the indigents. Since money is never fungible in these circumstances, perhaps we could pass the hat to help the little startup with its fledgling lobbying efforts.

Homework: For those who like to reckon such things as how many dollar bills can fit single-file between here and the moon, the contributions amount to a little less than $5 from every Census-counted man, woman, and child in Henderson County, except in Mills River, where combined contributions total around $7. According to the last count, there were 10,528 firms in Henderson County and 613 in Mills River. If we want to be fair about this, how many administrators at what salary are needed to process the redistribution, and what percent of productivity would be removed from each jurisdiction’s economy, under a program of universal corporate welfare?

Oh, I got so excited, I forgot to mention the funds will help beer.