Attention all criminals: If you are going to be so rude as to intentionally damage somebody’s person or property, at least have the consideration to be physically fit before getting caught. A rash of unwell prisoners has caused the medical budgets for inmates in both Haywood and Macon counties to suffer $100,000 overruns this year.

I hope the Smoky Mountain News won’t have me arrested for lifting the following extensive quote:

“We only seem to bring in people who are very, very unhealthy. There are very few marathon runners or people who are in good shape when they come to the jail,” said [Haywood County Sheriff Greg] Christopher.

The jail population has its share of drug addicts, alcoholics and smokers. They are more likely to have bad teeth and poor nutrition. And these hallmarks of an unhealthy lifestyle add up to more medical issues.

Christopher can’t help but wonder.

“Some people might commit a crime to go to jail just so we’ll be there to fix the problem,” the sheriff said.