Here we go for the umpteenth time. Two multinationals who boast growth are so, so poor, they need to take from poor factory workers and service-industry types. To sound magnanimous about it, they claim they will do business with local knaves and employ more local knaves to jack taxes up a little higher on the local knaves who don’t have enough pull to get their taxes paid by everybody else. Frankly, I don’t believe these businesses are so lean that they can’t undertake multi-million dollar expansions without tax-subsidies totaling 1 or 2% of the investment. If these guys were producing something other than jobs, growing and diversifying to meet demand, sales just might lift them out of welfare.

I don’t blame the businesses, though. I think they are only victims of pitcher-pushers in the Department of Commerce who come in with big lies about how taking government money is hip, happening, hot, ga-roovy, and good for at-risk American children living in food deserts.