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    Center for Local Innovation City & County Issue Guide 2008

    posted June 2, 2008 by Dr. Terry Stoops, Joseph Coletti, Dr. Michael Sanera, Daren Bakst, Michael Lowrey
    North Carolina local government policymakers face many important challenges. This issue guide offers solutions to problems faced by the citizens of the state. The common thread in these recommendations is freedom. By increasing individual freedom, local governments can foster the prosperity of all North Carolinians. To reach the City & County Issue Guide home page, click here.
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    Sustainable Growth: Principles and Policies

    posted May 14, 2008 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    This report on sustainable growth is the third in a series of annual research papers from the John Locke Foundation devoted to explaining the principles of free markets and applying them to current controversies in North Carolina.
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    Fiscal Transparency in N.C.: Surveying state and local governments

    posted May 13, 2008 by Joseph Coletti, Chad Adams
    Citizens don’t have the ability to easily track how state and local governments spend their tax dollars — but they should. Budget information isn’t available online in easily searchable databases, but it should be. Citizens shouldn’t have to make special requests to obtain budget information.
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    Saving, Spending and Taxing: Governor proposes $1 billion in new operating appropriations

    posted May 13, 2008 by Joseph Coletti
    Gov. Easley proposed $21.4 billion in state appropriations for continuing operations in fiscal year 2009, up $1 billion (4.9 percent) from the final budget for fiscal year 2008. Combined pay increases, including one-time bonuses, for teachers and state employees total $594 million. Less than a fifth of the $400 million in spending reductions are much more than reclaiming money that would not otherwise be spent.
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    Low-Cost Energy: Critical for the Economy and Our Way of Life

    posted May 12, 2008 by Geoff Lawrence, Daren Bakst
    Low-cost energy is not only critical to the economy, but also to our health, safety, and general welfare. Despite concerns over energy prices, policymakers are intentionally increasing energy prices through new taxes and regulations.
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    The Economics of Climate Change Legislation in North Carolina

    posted April 30, 2008 by Alfonso Sanchez-Penalver, David G. Tuerck, Paul Bachman, Michael Head
    The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University in Boston, Mass., reviews policies under consideration in North Carolina to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Supporters contend those policies would help North Carolina respond to climate change. Supporters also contend the policies would produce positive economic benefits. This report rebuts the advocates’ economic arguments. Beacon Hill Institute researchers find “serious methodological flaws” in the documents used to justify the climate change policies.

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