July 28 Update: The Excel spreadsheet containing North Carolina Congressional Candidate data now contains an in-state vs. out of state financial breakdown alongside links to Candidate specific financial breakdowns.

Saturday, July 15th, marked the due date for the latest federal campaign finance reports for those seeking office in 2024.  Though neither of North Carolina’s senate seats are up for election next year, national eyes will still be glued to North Carolina.  This is partly due to North Carolina’s position as a pivotal swing state for the presidential election votes but also the state’s Congressional seats and the narrow majority Republicans hold in Congress. 

So where do North Carolina Candidates stand financially mid-way through 2023? Figure 1. details the top-line finances for each can for each candidate by district.  A more detailed report breaking down the itemization of each candidate’s finances can be found here.

Figure 1: North Carolina Congressional Candidates 2023 Mid-year campaign Finance report topline.  Candidates who have not submitted their July 15th report have been left blank.

While the General Assembly is scheduled to redraw maps later this year, candidates for congressional office are not required to live in the district they are running for.  A candidate in the Eastern part of the state can run for a seat in Ashville if they wish to.  Candidates may change the district they are running for once General Assembly creates new congressional maps.