I’ll be offering some short comments Tuesday (April 5) to the NCGA Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee. Meeting starts at 9:30 in Room 544, if you’d like to listen in.

Spoiler.  Here’s what I’m going to say:

Thank you for opportunity to speak today and thank you for your leadership.

I wanted to highlight 3 good ideas that you are considering today.

Rules review by elected officials is a good idea.

The General Assembly has granted rule-making authority to state agencies, boards and commissions. For many day to day operations of state government this is fine. But rules with a significant financial impact should receive greater scrutiny and be enacted only with approval of our elected officials. For greater accountability and to ensure fiscal responsibility, any rule with a financial impact of $10 Million or more over a five year time period should go to the General Assembly for approval before it is enacted.

Beginning to sunset occupational licenses and boards is a good idea.

An occupational license, getting a permission slip from government to perform a job, is a cost imposed on North Carolinians. Requirements for educational credit, hours in class, entrance exam and licensing fees all cost time and money. Without a license, the individual cannot work in his or her desired field. The ultimate cost is loss of freedom to work.

Beginning to sunset and consolidate occupational licenses is a good step towards restoring opportunities and ensuring North Carolinians are free to work in the occupation of their choice.

Studies are always a good idea.

Studies can be thoughtful, productive, and ensure that reforms continue to move North Carolina towards more freedom and open opportunities for North Carolinians. Occupational licensing costs jobs, hikes consumer prices, and harms the state’s economy, for little to no empirical benefits by way of safety and quality. A comprehensive, in-depth and on-going study of repeals, reforms, consolidation, and certification is a good idea.

252,000 net new jobs have been created in North Carolina since 2013. Remove the barriers created by North Carolina’s restrictive occupational licensing requirements and imagine the jobs, the opportunities and the dreams you’ll unleash.