…Until the state’s federally-run health insurance marketplace, which will be dominated by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, opens for enrollment.

The Heartland Institute examines what large employers are doing to avoid penalties under Obamacare’s employer mandate provision.  The article features Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Service, Inc., a family owned and operated cleaning service located in Apex, North Carolina:

Steven Lozinsky, Vice President of Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Service, Inc. of Apex, North Carolina, which employs approximately 240 low-income workers, testified to the House Energy and Commerce Committee that he had three choices for his business. He could get all employees under 30 hours, try to downsize to around 100 employees and hope that he could afford the requisite fines, or close up shop entirely and lay off 240 people.   

You can read the business’s testimony here.