Transportation scribe Richard Rubin fleshes out the great Uptown bridge caper of 2006. Turns out that $900,000 and a couple months construction time killed the bridge. This from a city which spent $3.8 million on flashing parking signs and $1 million on Rob Tober’s Disco Party Transit Canopy. Need we mention that old priorities thing?

Further, this thing is just not passing the sniff test. Rail contractor Archer Western will still have to build poles across the span to carry utilities. A low-load pedestrian bridge is not that much more work.

It certainly seems that someone, somewhere did not want the walkway to go back up. The most obvious candidate is CATS itself, as the walkway would compete directly with the choo-choo as route from South End to Uptown. Yeah, pretty crazy.

Couldn’t happen. Kinda like CATS getting another dedicated revenue source to float millions in bonds without any public vote.