How much did you pay for gas the last time you filled your tank? $1.85? $1.80? Maybe you got a good deal and found a station with a price of $1.75? Well this morning, like I do every morning on my way to work, I drove through the small southern Wake County town of Fuquay-Varina and at least 4 gas stations were selling gas for $1.59.9 a gallon–and this is down from $160.9 on Friday and $1.62.9 on Thursday.

This all started a little over a month ago when a new mega gas station/convenience mall opened up under a brand I never heard of before called “Sheetz.” Sheetz opened with a price of $169.9 with other stations in the area matching the price, and it’s been all down hill from there. I have no idea where it will end but we customers are loving it and enjoying the ride while it continues.