Republicans didn’t win control of the U.S. Senate in the recent election, but they certainly won enough seats to sustain a filibuster.

South Carolina’s Jim DeMint explains in a brief National Review note why he might push the filibuster option to block President Obama’s new nuclear arms treaty:

Many of us have been concerned that the START Treaty would weaken our national security,
and recent revelations of previously undisclosed talks with Russia on
missile defense and movement of Russian tactical nuclear warheads only
raise more questions that must be answered. I?ve asked for the full
negotiating records, as have been provided to the Senate on previous
treaties, but the Obama administration has continually denied that
request and promised that missile defense was never part of the
negotiations with Russia. But we have now learned that the State
Department did in fact meet with Russia to specifically discuss missile
defense, after months of denying these discussions ever took place.

With the additional news that Russia moved warheads near the borders of
our NATO allies this spring ? warheads that are conspicuously not
covered by START ? it?s time to get some straight answers and for the
State Department to provide the full negotiating records.