My latest newsletter discusses what constitutes an actual job-creation bill and the two separate job-creation bills under discussion by the North Carolina General Assembly this week:

Both chambers have passed historic tax reform, which awaits the governor’s signature. The initial reviews are quite promising. … Only the most doctrinaire devotees of the theory that the state’s economy grows by outsiders’ perception of its “progressive image” could object, after carefully ignoring the returns when said image was yet intact. What that theory lacks in empirical evidence or peer-reviewed studies, it makes up for in vociferous, ipse dixiteditorials.

The other job-creation bill is the Regulatory Reform Act of 2013, an omnibus bill making several minor, technical reforms along with a few significant ones. The 59-section bill passed the Senate Rules committee this morning. Notably, it includes a three-tiered periodic review process with sunset provisions that, even by itself, would represent a significant reform.