Jennifer Holt of Raleigh has a child at Dynamic Community Charter School and penned a must-read op-ed on the possible closure of the school.

Via email from my son’s school, I found out that the Charter School Advisory Board has recommended that the state revoke the charter for the only public school in North Carolina especially for special needs/exceptional children. This sounds like a bad joke.


In January, advisory board members granted the school until May to right the financial deficit. As parents, we rallied. We pledged to pay tuition, raise funds, host a gala, a road race, a charity auction, write grants – basically, we were ready to sell our souls to keep this school open for our children. The principal even offered not to draw a salary for the rest of the year.


Because we need this school. Our kids need this school – right now and for future generations. North Carolina is seriously lacking in support for exceptional children. Underfunding, oversized classrooms and a huge push for mainstreaming used as an excuse to further cut funding to special needs kids have all left a giant hole in the system that no one can fill.

Dynamic Community Charter School filled that giant hole in the system, a hole that will return if the N.C. State Board of Education agrees with the advisory board recommendation.  Let’s hope they don’t.