Ashley Sadler writes for LifeSite News about a new plea from active-duty military members.

Over 200 active duty service members, veterans, and others on January 1 released an open letter demanding accountability from the U.S. military leaders who imposed COVID-19 jab mandates upon members of the armed services, calling out the Department of Defense for “failing to fulfill the moral obligations upon which [it was] founded” in its implementation of the requirements.

On January 1, the current and former servicemen and women representing all branches of the United States military signed onto an open letter promising to pursue accountability for military leaders who they say broke the law in their enforcement of COVID-19 jab rules.

“While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion,” the signers of the letter, including high-ranking military members, said.

They added that members of the armed forces and their families had been “significantly harmed by these actions,” and that they continue to suffer “financially, emotionally, and physically.”

“In an apparent attempt to avoid accountability, military leaders are continuing to ignore our communications regarding these injuries and the laws that were broken,” the military members said.

The letter called out a slew of leaders – including General Mark Milley – by name, arguing that they “enabled lawlessness and the unwilling experimentation on service members.”

“They betrayed the trust of service members and the American people,” the writers allege. “Their actions caused irreparable harm to the Armed Forces and the institutions for which we have fought and bled.”

The military members say they “have exhausted all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the Armed Forces” and now seek to “pursue restoration through accountability.”

U.S. Navy Commander Rob Green said in an email to LifeSiteNews that the “signers of this letter are standing up to say ‘no more’ to leaders who willfully inflict harm on those they lead.”