Let’s watch and see how many members of the Mecklenburg delegation vote next week to save the $40 million handout to Goodyear. It may be more than you think.

Why? Because of the $15 million handout to Norfolk Southern buried in the same state budget. That little surprise would help grease the skids for Norfolk to leave its current yard in Belmont — hmmm, again with the Belmont redevelopment — and move out to the airport.

At one time the company was planning to build a $64 million facility out there, spurred along by some $16 million in federal dollars to do it. Don’t know if that still applies. But the state tax rebate plan is absolutely real and getting Norfolk out of Belmont is an absolute priority for the local Powers That Be.

Don’t be surprised, then, if the Goodyear deal wins support so as not to open the Norfolk deal to attack.

Except from us. We’ll attack it regardless. Corporate pork is a crime against humanity.