People on the right wing are often confused with paranoiacs. To help blur any distinctions, I offer two of my own pictures drawn by connecting insufficient dots:

1. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange published embarrassing information about powerful people. His sources were somewhat of a mystery. It is assumed the best cyberhacks are on his computer and other electronics communications devices, so maybe he was getting information in person. Coincidentally, afterward making Mrs. Bill Clinton look bad, he was convicted of an unrelated crime that requires him to wear a tracking device and report daily to authorities. CORRECTION: I erroneously assumed that punishment follows conviction. To my knowledge, Assange has not been convicted. Thanks to Britt Combs for setting me straight.

2. The John Locke Foundation’s president, John Hood, recently took a long vacation. Hood never takes vacations. When he came back, Bev Perdue announced she had been speaking to one or more undisclosed sources, and now she wants to consolidate state government so it looks sort of like what the JLF has been advocating for awhile. Click here to read Perdue mention mystery sources. Click here to see the incriminating charts.