One of the arguments we hear constantly from statists and Obama regime zealots (sorry — that’s redundant) is that Obamacare is a good step toward the wonderful goal of universal health care provided by the government. Over and over, those people say that the US is the only major country where health care is not a “right” that government makes available to everyone.

A strong antidote to that nonsense is this piece by a Swede who currently lives in the US. Is the Swedish system a model we should want to import here? Not at all, he argues. It’s a longish article, but well worth reading.

The notion that turning something over to government will make it universally available and without any bad side effects is one that history has often shown to be wrong. Did turning food production over to the government put an end to hunger in the Soviet Union? Politicizing food, medical care, or anything else always undermines the incentives for efficiency and creates incentives for waste, fraud, and abuse.