Jordan Davidson writes for the Federalist about the real-world impact of inflationary government policies.

American families are struggling to cope with inflation egged on by President Joe Biden’s willingness to pump government cash into the economy.

While the White House is busy creating social media graphics to tout the small price drop in July 4th cookout ingredients, Americans, especially those who have children to feed, clothe, and diaper, are becoming more worried about rising living costs. What began as surging gas prices and Americans trying to recover from the economic devastation wreaked by government-mandated lockdowns only spread to other goods to create the fastest spike since 2008.

The White House continues to claim the inflation is “temporary,” but some families can’t afford to wait much longer for prices to fall. For Sandra Salave’a, a chef, wife, and mother of two boys, climbing costs due to government-induced inflation affect every part of her life.

“I have to rethink all my spending because everything is becoming less and less affordable,” the Washington state resident told The Federalist. “I am cutting back on a lot of things right now that are what I consider to be ‘wants,’ not necessities.”

Until recently, Salave’a didn’t have to worry about small price increases on grocery store runs. Now, Salave’a’s trips to Costco with her husband on the way home from work carry a new meaning for her wallet.

“We haven’t been to Costco for several months and I was shocked by the prices of the things we got. We didn’t get very many items and I spent $300. The price of vitamins and medicines have gone up too and those were some of the things on my list. Produce and meats are so expensive,” she explained.

A chef by trade, Salave’a said she enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients but is struggling to find healthy and fulfilling options without blowing her work and home budget.