On Monday, the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed piece by Cypress Semiconductor founder T.J. Rodgers, who argued that America’s increasingly statist environment is very bad for business growth. Today’s paper has several response letters, including this excellent one from a Raleigh citizen:

President Obama won two elections running on a class-warfare platform. The president has made it clear that a more just distribution of the economic pie is preferable to greater growth that perpetuates income inequality. That is why he favored increasing the capital gains tax rate even though that meant less growth and less federal tax revenue.

Most people who have started or managed a business, met a payroll or invested in private enterprise understand how jobs are created. Most people who work in the White House, including President Obama and most members of Congress, have had little or no direct experience with actual private-sector job creation. The rest of us can admire Mr. Rodgers for his willingness to bang his head against the Washington wall and potentially subject himself to greater IRS scrutiny and leftist retaliation.

Lee Becker

Raleigh, N.C.