The Pacolet Area Conservancy (PAC) and Walnut Creek Preserve (WCP) invite the public to attend a free presentation on “Predator/Prey Relationships in Western North Carolina” presented by North Carolina Wildlife Resource Officer, Toby Jenkins. The program will be held at the Anne Elizabeth Suratt Nature Center at Walnut Creek Preserve on Saturday, Feb. 21, at 10:30 a.m.

I love nature. It is so full of allegories. For example, you could invite your city council people and county commissioners to attend for free. Then, you could talk about the government animal. What does it eat? Taxpayers. What eats it? Service consumers? At what point do enough taxpayers get eaten that the government needs to find “partners” to substitute for the taxpayers to avoid a decline in the service consumer population? What do “partners” eat, and how can their sustenance be sustained? Is there a point where service consumers can become so populous as to die from their own waste?

I’m just asking.

That’s silly, you retort. Elected leaders are angels, not men. They create something from nothing and defy all laws of mechanics. They float above the ground, leaving no deleterious footprint. They give without taking. Holy, holy are their ways that defy even the laws of heaven.

Can I say that?