I was recently reading a historical essay that remarked that the varying opinions expressed about what transpired at a particular ceremony was probably somewhat influenced by the abundance of alcohol. That hypothesis may or may not have anything to do with the confusion I feel when I read the tiny PowerPoint presentation prepared for city council by the ABC Board. After boasting increased business that raised revenue to donate to funds that discourage drinking, one slide states:

This Year’s Goals & Objectives

• Emphasis on innovative alcohol education – “Drink Responsibly”

Sale of old store on Tunnel Road/ construction of new store on H’ville Hwy.

[The second point has been omitted because it actually made sense.]

Two board members terms expire in November. [Punctuation theirs.]

Assuming this document to be intentional and accurate, one might conclude (1) people in south Asheville are more responsible than the riff-raff on Tunnel Road, and (2) we currently have some doozies serving on the board.