J.R. Dunn writes for the American Thinker about the political left’s latest offenses.

This November marks the date when the mask was torn off to reveal the true face of the Left. The fact that they tore it off themselves makes it even better.

This revelation of course involves Israel, the Gaza War, and the leftist anti-Semitism that has festered unacknowledged for generations. The poster girl for all this is Susan Sarandon. …

… Because Sarandon’s trademark schtick has been one she inherited from Jane Fonda, the “socially conscious” left-wing Hollywood harridan. …

… Last week it turned around to bite her. Addressing a pro-Hamas rally while dressed like a bag lady, Sarandon made an obtuse, imbecilic, and unforgiveable remark concerning Jews and Muslims that doesn’t really bear repeating. The industry reacted swiftly. Within hours Sarandon was dumped by the United Talent Agency. This is a first. You can look as long as you like to find another leftie rabble-rouser discarded by Hollywood and you will not succeed. Let this be the first of many.

What was going through her head? Don’t ask me. It’s difficult to believe that anybody living in 21st-century America could fail to recognize what was wrong with claiming that Jews have never suffered and somehow deserve to be flayed over the ongoing suicide of Hamas. Not to mention how stupid it was to say it out loud. Sarandon’s remark came after a lengthy series of savage anti-Semitic demos and riots on college campuses and elsewhere (which included at least one murder), culminating on a mob attack against the DNC itself, egged on by the demure and soft-spoken Rashida Tlaib. Little Sue evidently thought she had the green light to attack the Jews. She didn’t.

By sheer historical accident, Jews, in the U.S. as well as Europe, have been deeply entwined with leftist political culture. Jewish emancipation occurred at the same time as the 19th-century rise of socialism. Both had the same enemies, which encouraged both to work together. The problem lay in the fact that many Jews didn’t drop the Left when the situation changed.