Macon County wound up with an anti-planner on its planning board. Jimmy Goodman is described as the “founder of a Tea Party chapter in Macon County called Freedom Works.” (We’ll allow literary license.) He formerly served on the planning board, but was not re-appointed in a former cycle, at the request of fellow members, because of his views. Offended persons complained he obstructed the harmony of the board.

Well, an opportunity for some more intrigue arose, and Goodman managed to unseat Al Slagle, who is described as somewhat of an institution. He chaired the board’s steep slopes subcommittee, which caught fire for deciding to study rather than act, when five people were killed in mudslides. The commissioners who voted to seat Goodman said they were voting for diversity. Members of the planning board, however, are considering resigning, and the commissioners are considering expanding the board to make sure Slagle retains a seat.