I continue to hear demands – clearly with origins in television programming – that the rich people need to be taxed more. I thought the matter was clearly resolved ages ago. People are not motivated to work themselves to a pulp in order to get money that is confiscated and squandered on bureaucrats, immoral applications, or anything else the worker detests.

This morning, I listened as a lady wanting to soak the rich complained about seeing one guy’s mansion on TV. Somebody had to build it, somebody had to craft the exquisite furnishings, somebody had to make the art. These people were paid. The message here seems to be that artisans must stuff their carefulness and talents and toil to generate tons of cheap junk for the masses. Another person seen on TV last night bought a baseball for a huge sum. I suppose since the seller was not government he wouldn’t know how to spend the money.

But then, industrialization is evil, as are material things. We should, as the president advised, work for nonprofits. That way, we can earn a living off pushing harmony, resonance, vibrancy, and a whole lot of things government these days shares with marketers of perpetual motion devices.

The two opinions at war appear to be: (1) I want what is fair. Let people earn as much as they can. They will then spend or invest for greater expenditures, and this will be good for the economy. (2) I want it all. I want more for me me me. I don’t care who government takes it from. Nobody should have a mansion, a Jaguar, a yacht, etc. until he buys me one.