Matt Vespa writes for about a recent electoral assessment from a former U.S. attorney general.

Former Attorney General William Barr has not been kind to Donald Trump since he left his post at the Justice Department. He opposed the former president’s actions after the 2020 election and has said that Trump’s returning to the White House would be a chaotic “horror show.” He’s also called for the former president to be replaced as the leader of the Republican Party, warning he would burn the house down if he remains as the face of the GOP. But a lot can change in a year or two. 

According to Axios’ Mike Allen, with Joe Biden and Trump headed for a rematch, Barr reportedly said he would be voting for Donald Trump again, barring no Biden alternative. At a Forum Club lunch in Naples, Florida, the former attorney general said, “Voting for Trump is playing Russian roulette with the country. Voting for Biden is outright national suicide.”

That appears to be the attitude of most in the country, 86 percent of which feel that Biden is too old to run for a second term. Donald Trump may have personal baggage, might be abrasive, and every now and then creates a public relations fiasco that’s entirely his fault, but given the past four years, voters seem to realize that Trump could do the job. He might be a senior citizen, but he more than passed the vitality test. Trump never said he spoke with European leaders who’ve been dead for years, as Biden has done consistently. Almost half the country, 4 in 10, admitted they’re worse off now than they were four years ago—an election-killing data point.  

With Trump, Barr is admitting a level of chaos he’s willing to accept since there’s a chance of a revival; with Biden, it is certain death, a sentiment Democrats are ignoring in their little bubbles along the Acela Corridor.