Rob Crilly of reports a recent warning from former U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr denounced what he called ‘militantly secularist government-run schools’ as the greatest threat to religious liberty in the country as he made his first speech since leaving government.

‘The time has come to admit that the approach of giving militantly secularist government schools a monopoly over publicly funded education has become a disaster,’ he said.

Instead he made the case that school choice vouchers may offer parents the best protection from curricula designed to indoctrinate children with a radical, secular theology. …

… He has stayed out of sight since leaving office, but reemerged on Thursday with a blistering attack on the ‘government’s secular-progressive madrassas’ during the Council for National Policy’s annual gathering in Florida.

‘While an astonishing number of public schools fail to produce students proficient in basic reading and math, they spare no effort or expense in their drive to instill a radical secular belief system that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago,’ he said in audio obtained by Just The News.

But such ‘indoctrination’ was not compatible with Christianity and other religious traditions, he added.

‘It may no longer be fair, practical or even constitutional to provide publicly funded education solely through the vehicle of state-funded schools.’

Parents wishing to opt out often could not afford private school bills.

‘As a result, our public schools have inevitably become cockpits for a vicious, winner-take-all culture war over the moral formation of our children,’ he said.

His intervention comes amid a growing national debate over what is taught in schools.

Diversity teaching has become a flashpoint, opposed by many conservatives who see ‘critical race theory’ as an attempt to rewrite American history rather than an effort to discuss the role of racism in shaping the country.

The former attorney general compared such teaching with Marxism, saying it robbed individuals of responsibility for their lives.