I have relatives in southern California and, thus, have been following the outrageous shenanigans of former officials of Bell, California, where top officials raked in six-figure salaries and laughed among themselves about it. Here’s the latest on former police chief Randy Adams, who is trying to force the city to double his pension to $510,000 per year. Adams, who is not among the eight former officials who face corruption charges, invoked the Fifth 20 times during the hearing.

Adams made $457,000 a year as Bell’s police chief, about double what he had made as chief in much-larger Glendale. An email exchange he had with Bell administrator Angela Spaccia is also cited in the criminal case.

In the exchange, Adams said: “I am looking forward to seeing you and taking all of Bell’s money?!” Spaccia replied: “LOL … well you can take your share of the pie … just like us!!! We will all get fat together…”

It is repulsive, immoral behavior, and clear abuse of taxpayer dollars.