Holidays can be good, because government tends to sleep. Holidays can be bad because government can take advantage of the average Joe’s presumption that it will be sleeping. The day is almost over, and the closest thing to a sleight of hand came Tuesday with the addition to HB 695 of regulations for abortions and protections of conscience for anybody who might otherwise be coerced to participate in one.

Although I regret the fact that we must enact redundant legislation because too many people do not give a rip about the Bill of Rights and Original Intent; I am supportive of the add-ons. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, all but those with the spikiest of MMPI’s should smell a skunk when their moral compass is simultaneously pointing in opposite directions. To reiterate somewhat, the same groups that typically argue regulation is necessary and good are deeming the regulation of abortions “anti-woman.” One of the reasons given is that abortions are already one of the most regulated practices around. In addition, it is being deemed “pro-choice” to compel physicians, clerics, and ordinary taxpayers to participate in abortions against the dictates of their consciences.

That said, the maneuver did short-circuit the ability of feminists to organize and shed any new light they might have on the subject. Although we know this is supposed to be a Constitutional republic, the progressive wing deems us a democracy, and H. L. Mencken said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”