Gov. Bev Perdue and Durham Mayor Bill Bell joined with a couple of lefty nonprofits yesterday to encourage more kids and families to become dependent on government:

The program, dubbed “No Kid Hungry,” will start with a pilot effort in 28 schools across the state, including Lakewood Elementary in Durham. Free breakfast will be offered widely, and it will be available in the classroom or in “grab and go” bags as children enter the school building in the morning. The program will also expand free meals to children in the summer.

No wonder so many “poor” kids have Xboxes, Starter jackets, and smart phones. We’re slowly taking way from their parents the responsibility to provide food and shelter for their families.

People like Perdue and Bell (i.e., liberal Democrats) know that the more dependent you are on government for sustenance, the more likely you are to vote Democratic. So, rather than encourage people to pull themselves up out of dependence by their own bootstraps, they, and the lefty groups that have a vested interest in dependency, have little pep rallies like the one in Durham yesterday to extol the joys of being a parasite.

Good job, guys.