Gov. Bev Perdue spoke in Greensboro last night, declaring herself the ‘jobs governor.’ Perdue said she would continue to use economic incentives to lure the ‘big gorillas’ to the state, but would also target small businesses, using —you guessed it —- fed stimulus money.

Interestingly enough, there was another speech yesterday in Winston-Salem, where economist Mark Vitner said job creation is expected to lag behind economic recovery. That’s not good news for Perdue, who said her viablity as a candidate in 2012 depended on job creation.

There was a curious statement from Vitner, on which Richard Craver didn’t elaborate. Vitner said “he believes that the recession ended in the state and nationally on July 1 when two federal-stimulus programs — Cash for Clunkers and the first-time homebuyer tax credit — shifted into high gear.” Really —- far as I’m concerned Cash for Clunkers was a total joke.