David Marcus writes for the New York Post about President Biden’s curious response to flagging poll numbers.

As Joe Biden’s Hindenburg of a presidency continues its fiery descent into historically low popularity, the whiz kids at the White House think they have a solution. Their answer, amazingly, seems to be to double down on their cavalcade of failed policies and get Mumbly Joe out in front of the American people more.

That’s right, the man who rode to the presidency hiding in his basement is supposed to electrify voters and save the Democrats in the midterm.

But the headwinds faced by the party of Jefferson and Jackson are not stylistic. This isn’t a messaging problem, it’s a policy problem. It’s several policy problems.

Take education. At a time when Republicans are having electoral success taking aim at critical race theory and gender ideology in our schools, the White House’s answer is to say that none of it is even happening, a demonstrable lie to almost everyone with a kid in a public school. All of this while Biden is telling teachers they, not parents, should decide what kids learn: “They are not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.” Just utterly erasing the influence of outraged suburban moms who are flocking to the GOP. Let’s just pretend Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected governor of Virginia for this exact reason.

On the economy, inflation is so high that a trip to the grocery store almost requires taking out a second mortgage. Biden’s answer: To that is to spend and print more money, which is obviously how we got here in the first place. Meanwhile the Gross Domestic Product is in the red by 1.4% all while the president pretends he’s doing a fantastic job with his American comeback. In addressing this stark decline in the economy the president blamed “technical factors.” Technical factors? This is meaningless gibberish at a time when Americans are financially suffering.