Kylee Zempel of the Federalist ponders Americans’ responses to intrusive Biden administration policies linked to COVID-19.

The president who promised unity, leadership, and a return to normalcy has challenged you to a game of chicken, is charging at you, and is waiting for you to flinch.

Nowhere has this intimidation tactic been as clear as with medically coercive vaccine mandates. Near the start of Biden’s tenure, after shots were rolled out quickly thanks to Trump’s efforts, Biden left no doubt about his position: It wasn’t just that vaccines were good, but that everyone who was eligible for a vaccine should get one as soon as possible.

So Americans began doing calculations. Many who knew that their risk factors were heightened prudently jumped in line for the first available shots, but others not so much. Lots of pregnant women paused, unwilling to undertake extra risks quite yet. Many others with natural immunity decided to sit this one out for a while, as did a horde of the young and healthy, who have never been at serious risk of dying from COVID-19.

After shooting up immediately, vaccination numbers then stalled, which didn’t please the Democrat administration that had promised to shut down the virus. Biden’s patience began “wearing thin.” …

… When the ruling class began medically segregating people into first- and second-class citizens, the fight became less about the necessity of universal vaccination and more about the importance of medical freedom. And instead of falling in lockstep with the administration’s goals, Biden’s detractors began piling onto the opposing tractor.

Biden didn’t veer. He forged full speed ahead with the declaration that in addition to all federal workers, all private workers for companies with at least 100 employees would need to get the jab or get endlessly tested, reportedly affecting more than 80 million private-sector Americans.

Despite this fascist announcement being nothing more than a press release, companies caved to the president’s wishes left and right.