Andrea Widburg writes for the Amercian Thinker about President Biden’s disappointing approach toward Israeli allies.

Axios has a scoop, but I call it a bombshell: According to a Biden administration official, when it comes to the Biden administration’s approach to Israel, the most important thing is Biden winning his election. Little things like an ally’s fight against an openly genocidal enemy or stability within the always volatile Middle East? Meh. What matters is power. …

… This is the same administration that has been comfortable for two years now funding Ukraine in its non-winnable war against Russia—and, indeed, Biden has promised to fund Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” The Ukraine war, of course, is not an existential war for Ukraine. It began because Russia wanted to achieve control over a border region that is almost entirely ethnically Russian and that has been the site of aggressive Ukrainian action against the people living there.

As Steven Kopits wrote here before that war ever began, the whole thing could have been resolved if Russia had simply purchased the disputed territory. Biden’s administration, however, was always determined to go to war and had no interest in pursuing alternatives.

Things are a bit different in Israel. Since the moment the UN recognized her existence, the surrounding Muslim nations have been open about their desire to eradicate her presence from the face of the earth, including killing all her Jewish residents. To date, the Muslims have tried this in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006, and October 7 (and that doesn’t include the non-stop terrorism attacks and Intifadas within Israel’s borders since the 1970s). Additionally, Hamas, which Iran funds, has told its supporters to kill Jews wherever they find them, not just in Israel, something in line with Mohamed’s order to that effect.