Editors at Issues and Insights question the role of President Biden’s policies in contributing to the Hamas attack on Israel.

It’s a tragic fact that Hamas’ attack that killed hundreds last weekend was a deadly salvo against the very existence of the Jewish state of Israel. But it was also an attack on the West’s weaklings who have once again enabled terrorism. And, sadly, that includes the U.S.

It was no accident that Hamas used a “Festival for Peace” concert near Gaza as an offensive on the very existence of the multi-ethnic, democratic state of Israel. Those attending no doubt thought their good intentions and good wishes for peace would be a shield against such atrocities.

Sadly, terrorists saw this as vulnerability, and took advantage. But it wasn’t just the concert that tempted them.

No, it was weakness among the political left in Israel, which seems to believe that calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “fascist” and craven acquiescence to terrorists will buy peace, and also among leaders in Europe, who somehow imagine that terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza are the moral equivalents of Israel.

Then there’s the U.S., perhaps worst of all.

President Joe Biden’s administration has been pathetically obeisant toward both the regimes that support terrorism, in particular Iran, and toward Hamas and other terrorist groups.

In this case, Hamas sized up its opposition, like any bully, and saw only spinelessness and stupidity. So it acted with help from others in the region, including and especially Iran.

We’ll see plenty of candlelight vigils and prayers for the dead and the dozens of people (including possibly some Americans) now held hostage by terrorists who think nothing of torturing or murdering other human beings in support of their own hateful, extreme beliefs.

But let’s remember one thing: Our government has encouraged this.

Just look at the U.S. State Department’s pathetic, morally equivalent response: “We urged all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”