Nick Arama writes for about President Biden’s latest obfuscation about his links to son Hunter’s dubious business deals.

Joe Biden was heading out to Marine One to go to Camp David on Friday afternoon for yet another vacation. It also looked like he had other family members going with him. 

But Biden can’t seem to tell the truth or keep his stories straight from one minute to the next, when it comes to the question of him and his son Hunter’s business partners. 

For years, he has told us he never spoke to his son about his business. 

Then when the pictures of Joe meeting with Hunter’s various business associates started dropping and some told their stories, Joe Biden’s story was finally adjusted to him saying that he never was “in business” with his son. It was a big shift that they pretended had always been his position, in an Orwellian spin. 

Hunter Biden gave his deposition behind closed doors on Thursday, and the transcript dropped on Friday. Among the things that Hunter admitted was that Joe Biden had dined with some of Hunter’s associates at the Cafe Milano. There are also pictures of Joe Biden with some of those associates. 

NY Post reporter Stephen Nelson managed to ask Biden as he was heading out to the helicopter about his interaction with his son Hunter’s or brother Jim’s business partners, and that House Speaker Mike Johnson had accused him of “lying repeatedly.”  Biden said that Speaker Johnson should “read the record of every single witness, these guys gotta stop this.” That might not be a good thing to do as it won’t look good for Biden. 

Then Biden denied he had any interaction with his son’s or brother’s partners, “I did not interact with their partners.”  That’s obviously untrue, as he met with them, wrote recommendations for college for one of their kids, and went to dinner with them. as Hunter and others have explained.