Editors at the Washington Examiner argue that President Biden is “drowning” in three disasters for which he is responsible.

Responding to the killing of three American soldiers by Iranian proxies this weekend, President Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Middle East is now more volatile than at any moment since 1973. 

At around the same time, Biden finally admitted that the southern border is in “crisis,” just as his Department of Homeland Security announced 300,000 migrants were arrested for illegally crossing into the U.S. in December, a number dwarfing all previous records. 

Again, at the same time, inflation ticked higher last month, as a record number of people find they cannot pay their rent and consumers owe more personal debt than ever before. Workers can’t afford a home or a car, and their real wages are lower than when Biden took office.

There is upheaval, even chaos, at home and abroad. 

Every one of these crises — Iranian aggression in the Middle East, chaos on our border, and higher prices at home — are all disasters created by Biden. His policies caused each, which is why, if anything, the president’s 40% approval rating isn’t low enough.

Biden is not the original architect of appeasement to Iranian aggression, an honor that goes to his former boss, President Barack Obama. But he followed through where Obama left off, undoing strict sanctions on Iranian oil sales in an attempt to appease the mullahs and revive Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal. In addition to this $30 billion in sanction relief, which Iran was free to spend on terrorism throughout the region, Biden also gave Iran $6 billion in previously frozen oil sales and a lopsided prisoner exchange.

Instead of choosing peace and stability, as Obama naively hoped, Iran has spread terrorism and has sent weapons, money, and training to Hezbollah in Jordan, Hamas in Israel, and Houthis in Yemen. Every one of those Iranian proxies is now actively fighting America and its allies. Biden funded and appeased them all.