Daniel Greenfield writes for Front Page Magazine about an ominous promise from President Biden.

World leaders, activists and organization leaders jetted over to Egypt, a fantastically polluted county, for the COP27 United Nations summit, to save the planet.

If only someone would save the planet from them.

“My friends, I came to the presidency determined to make … transformational changes that are needed, that America needs to make and we have to do for the rest of the world, to overcome decades of opposition and obstacles of progress on this issue alone,” Biden threatened.

With high fuel prices at the pump, runaway inflationary spending, like using the Inflation Increase Act to finance corrupt green energy policies, we can see those “transformational” policies underway.

With American energy production dropping sharply due to Biden policies, he touted new plans to depress our energy economy even further by allowing anti-energy leftist activists to partner with the EPA to go after oil and gas companies over so-called ‘methane leaks’.

Additionally Biden intends to further redefine our economy around carbon metrics by forcing federal contractors to adopt carbon targets. This further embeds ESG into our economy and forces us to live by the rationing of the carbon footprint.

This is transformational. It’s transforming us from a prosperous nation to a poor one and from a nation of free people to a cult of ESG slaves.

Biden clearly hasn’t considered the ill effects of a green energy “revolution.”

Think a green transition will free America from high-stakes competition over energy supplies? Think again. Since the Industrial Revolution, changing patterns of energy consumption have propelled international conflict. Today, the world is entering a very messy period, in which rivalry over sources of renewable energy will steadily intensify, even as older clashes over oil and other hydrocarbons continue to play out.