Joy Pullmann of the Federalist warns voters and taxpayers about the likely outcome of a Biden administration priority.

The Biden administration cites the anti-American 1619 Project and hatemonger Ibram X. Kendi as guiding its criteria for federal American history and civics education grants in a proposed rule out in the Federal Register on April 19.

The U.S. Department of Education’s education priorities as described in the Register accepts and amplifies Chinese Communist propaganda accusing the United States of “systemic racism” and recommending anti-white racism as the cure. The document cites The New York Times’s error-riddled 1619 Project, divisive identity politics-driven materials from the Smithsonian Institution, and Kendi’s racist form of “antiracism” as examples for the kind of preschool through college indoctrination of children the Biden administration will use taxpayer funds and federal power to promote. …

… The proposed regulations also declare the administration’s plan to use public resources to prevent American children from believing what it calls “misinformation,” declaring that false beliefs are a danger to “democracy.”

“Effective civics education is vital to protecting the Nation’s democracy—especially at a time when its core institutions and values are threatened by misinformation,” the administration’s proposal states. It therefore declares the administration’s intention to also fund “civics education” programs to increase “news literacy” and “distinguish fact from misinformation.”

This set of regulations is yet more evidence that the Biden administration intends to use every lever of power it can to serve the interests of America’s enemies, including federal power over public education. The Biden administration’s foreign policy not only echoes but amplifies false anti-American talking points deliberately deployed by the Chinese Communist Party to destabilize and ultimately destroy their top foreign competitor. …

… The Chinese Communists use false claims like these to undermine Americans’ will and to set Americans at each others’ throats to distract us from soberly and prudently acting to deny the evil Chinese regime the opportunity to displace us as the world’s strongest country.